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Hello everyone and welcome to my Sweet Muzik website. Music has always been a passion of mine ever since I was 9 years old. I remember those days whenever I heard someone playing a guitar, I would admire and appreciate the greatness and impact music has on this earth.

Therefore, I promised myself that one day I will own my own guitar and learn how to play.

Growing up in Zambia from a middle income family, owning a guitar was not going to happen anytime soon. There were times when I was with my dad in town and I would see some nice guitars displayed in shops and I would pressure him to buy me one. Unfortunately, all he said to me was “Its expensive and you will just break it.”

So I didn’t fulfil the promise I made to myself immediately. It took me eleven years to purchase my first guitar. Yes, eleven solid years!!!

I have been playing guitar for 5 years now and I would like to help people out there find instruments that suite their needs on online music stores. Not just guitars but also other instruments like pianos, saxophones and many more.

A Little Story About My Music Life

Growing up with a passion in music and not having access to the instrument I always wanted to learn and play the most made me opt for an alternative instrument which was available in my church.

This instrument was an electronic piano.

I started learning piano from one of my fellow church members who used to play in our church choir. The journey of learning to play the piano was a captivating one and full of ups and downs. Sometimes I would grasp the chords and concepts quickly and other times certain concepts just proved to be more difficult.

But hey, that is how learning is. It is a process and it requires one’s persistence, patience and dedication in order to achieve good results

A few years down the line I was able to play the piano, but I knew deep down inside my heart I always wanted to play a guitar.

My long awaited moment of owning my first guitar was finally within my reach. This was all possible because of the allowances I used to get at The Copperbelt University while pursuing a Bachelors degree in Agroforestry.

I bought this guitar online and it took two months for the instrument to arrive. When my guitar was finally in my hands, I was so excited and I immediately started practising very hard.

In my first few months of practice, I discovered that learning how to play a guitar was much more challenging than learning piano.

But am a kind of person who loves being challenged, So I kept on practising and practising.

However, little did I know that some challenges I was facing would have been avoided had I bought the right kind of guitar that I felt comfortable holding and playing.

This first guitar of mine had issues like strings being too far away from the threat board, no neck adjusting rod and the instrument would go off tune very often.

This was very frustrating for me as I was unable to learn certain chords such as bar chords and play the guitar for a long period.

After some time, I decided to research online to find out the causes of the issues I was facing with my guitar. And I discovered that such issues went hand in hand with the quality of the instrument.

Cheap guitars mostly had or would have such issues.

Therefore, I packed my guitar and stopped playing for a while. Yes, I stopped playing because this instrument more like discouraged me to play than motivate me.

A year later, I decided it was time to buy my second guitar. One that I would be comfortable holding and playing. This time around I did a thorough research before I bought another guitar.

I found out that it was best to buy a guitar from a music store that would offer me advice on which brand to go for that was within my budget, but again was of good quality.

Finally, I found a guitar that suited my needs and it is the instrument I have been using till to date. I have been able to learn and accelerate to new skills on this guitar because of the intense connection I have with it.

My creativity levels have also improved and I even write my own songs on guitar which is just awesome.

Therefore, I want to help my fellow music enthusiasts to find the right kind of instrument that will enhance their passion in music.

The Music Instruments World has Grown

With so many brands of music instruments out there, music lovers on a quest to buy their own instrument often get stuck on which brand to go for. Especially if there are other limiting factors such as budget.

Finding an instrument that is within a specific budget, but not compromising on quality can be tiresome.

Therefore, I want to help people by recommending them music stores with a wide range of instruments that will not only stand the taste of time, but will also make them happy with the choices they make.

The music instruments world has grown and so has our ability to choose from the vast majority of brands.

Good Quality Instruments Enhance One’s Passion in Music

Buying an instrument is a huge investment which requires careful analysis and scrutiny. Especially if that instrument it to be used on a professional level.

Buying an instrument online is like buying a house without even seeing it physically or having a feel of the outside and inside.

Music instruments are like an extension of us and we should have a deep connection with our instruments in order for us to be creative and achieve our goals.

It is therefore, important that one purchases an instrument from a reputable music store that will not only sale them the instrument, but also give them advice and suggestions for the betterment of finding an instrument that will suite one’s needs.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Sweet Muzik

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